Configure Hardware Keyboard Settings In Windows 10 For Better Typing

Windows 10 keyboard settings can enhance focus while typing and make it easier. Here’s how:

Access Windows Settings (shortcut key: Win + I) and go to Devices.

accessing Windows 10 device settings

Next, choose Typing.

configuring typing settings in Windows 10

Go to the section for configuring the hardware keyboard. (For configuring the software keyboard or the on-screen keyboard, refer to this earlier article).

Hardware keyboard settings in Windows 10

To enable auto-suggestions and auto-correct, enable both of those options. If multiple languages are used for input, you can enable the hardware keyboard to show suggestions for them too.

enable auto-suggestions and auto-correct for hardware keyboard in Windows 10

Once enabled the suggestions will automatically pop-up during typing with the hardware keyboard.

auto suggestions for words typed in Windows 10

Also, from the More keyboard settings, choose to Make my keyboard focus easier to see.

configuring hardware keyboard focus settings


Over here, you can now configure the pointer size and it’s color.

set pointer size and color and also cursor thickness in Windows 10

Also the cursor thickness can be changed which can make it easier to see and make typing a lot easier.

cursor thickness increased in Windows 10

Other than that, you can also switch between different input methods from Advanced keyboard settings.

All done.

Happy typing.

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