Quickly Get PC System Details Using Speccy

Speccy is a free tool by Piriform (developers of CCleaner ) that can quickly list system information about PC.

Download and install it from here. The free version will list the system details while the premium version includes additonal features like automatic updates and customer support.

Once installed, launch it. Speccy will display the PC details in a column-wise tree format.

Speccy interface

The sections are organized as a summary as well as individual PC hardware components.

To get brief overall information, click on Summary. It will then display the system details in brief. This is useful for future reference or for troubleshooting.

Finding PC system information using Speccy

You can directly export this as a text or an XML file through File > Save as.

exporting system information using Speccy

system information saved as text file using Speccy

These details can also be saved as a Speccy snapshot (.speccy extension) through File > Save Snapshot which can then be loaded later on. Also, this snapshot can be directly published online which makes it easier when trying to troubleshoot or ask for external support.

publishing system details snapshot online using Speccy

To know about each PC component in detail, simply choose it from the column.

Finding RAM details using Speccy

Finding network details using Speccy

Speccy also has a useful find feature View > Find or Ctrl + F. To search for a particular item, simply bring up the Find box and enter the search term.

searching for different details using Speccy

It will then display the related section.

Besides that, you can also proactively monitor hardware components like processors, mainboard and so on. To do that, choose View > Options.

accessing Speccy options

From the General section there, you can change how the temperature is displayed (Metric system or Imperial).

choosing the temperature display format in Speccy

You can also add various system metrics like temperature of processors, graphics card, etc so that it will be displayed in the system tray. To do that, first enable the option of Minimize to tray.

enabling tray metrics in Speccy

Then, enable Display metrics in tray and select the hardware component for that. You can also change the refresh interval at which these metrics will be updated.

choosing tray metrics to be displayed in Speccy

The added metrics depending on the PC component selected will now be directly displayed in the system tray.

cpu temperature displayed in Windows 10 system tray using Speccy

If the option of displaying them as a tooltip is enabled, you’d get the metrics by hovering the mouse over the Speccy icon from the system tray.

system metrics displayed as a tool tip in Speccy

All done.

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