Open New Firefox Tab Pages With Beautiful Backgrounds Using Tabliss

Tabliss is a cool Firefox add-on that makes new tab pages more lively with photos. It is similar to Momentum in Google Chrome.

Download and install this add-on from here.

Tabliss Firefox add-on page

Once installed, simply open a new tab. It will now show beautiful photos as background.

Tabliss background image for new tab in Firefox

Other than that, Tabliss also has other widgets that can be added to the new tab page.

For this, access the Tabliss settings menu by clicking on the gear icon from the top left in the new tab page.

accessing Tabliss settings

By default, the time and photo widgets are already added. You can change the source from where photos are displayed by choosing Background and selecting a source. Photos are also sourced from image sites like Unsplash (default) and GIPHY.

changing background photo settings in Tabliss

For displaying photos from Unsplash, you can also custom search for photos on various themes like nature, animals and so on.

choosing photo background from Unsplash by custom search in Tabliss

Tabliss also allows uploading of photos so a custom tab background too can be selected.

upload own images as background in Tabliss

You can also configure how often these photos change. The default setting is that a new photo will be set as a background for every new tab but it can be configured to change every 15 minutes, hourly, daily or be paused.

change background at different time intervals from Tabliss settings


To add other widgets like a personal greeting, a to-do task list, search box daily quotes and more, click on the Widgets drop-down menu and add as needed.

various widgets available in Tabliss

These widgets too can be configured as needed and the arrow keys can be used to change their display order. The Daily Quotes widget which shows cool inspiring and other quotes can be set to be shown from a specific category if needed.

changing daily quotes categories in Tabliss

You can also change settings for other widgets like Literature Clock (which shows quotes from various books).

configuring literature clock and quick links options in Tabliss

Also, shortcuts for websites can be added using the Quick Links widgets.

For Todos, the default number of tasks shown are three but can be changed.

configuring to-do list settings in Tabliss

To add a new task, simply click on the + sign and enter the task name.

adding a new to-do item in Tabliss

To delete it, hover the pointer on it and a delete icon will be visible.

added tasks to Tabliss to-do list

This is a cool open-source and free add-on that can brighten up the default new tab page in Firefox, so do try it out.

Tabliss with photo background and other widgets enabled

Happy browsing.

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