How To Use Color Filters In Windows 10

Windows 10 display settings include Color filters for adjusting to light sensitivity and color blindness. These filters can be selected as needed to make using Windows 10 easy on the eyes.

Here is how:

Access Settings (shortcut: Win key + I) and choose Ease of Access.

accessing Windows 10 settings

Then select Color filters.

Color filters option in Windows 10

To use them, enable the option of turning it on and also enable the keyboard shortcut for that (Win key + Ctrl + C).

enabling color filters in Windows 10

These filters are of two types: to see the display better (light sensitivity) and for specific conditions like color blindness.

For making it easy on eyes, you can choose from Inverted, Grayscale and Grayscale inverted.

choosing a color filter for light sensitivity in Windows 10

For adjusting to specific types of color blindness, choose from the filters by previewing their colors in the color wheel.

choosing a color filter for night blindness in Windows 10

All done.

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