Edit PDF Files Online For Free Using PDF Bob

PDF Bob by Icecream Apps is a free, online PDF editor that can edit, create, annotate and manage PDF documents.

There is no need to make an account to use it but if you’d like to store existing PDF files to be edited later on, then an account will be useful. Also, all the processed PDF files are deleted from PDF Bob servers after 7 days.

Using it is simple. Go to PDF Bob homepage here and click on Start Editing PDF button to begin editing.

PDF Bob homepage

This will open an online editor for PDF files. The left pane consists of various editing tools while the center pane is for editing and working with PDF files. Upload or drag and drop the source PDF file to be edited.

uploading PDF files for editing in PDF Bob


PDF Bob has three main features : Annotation, Editing and Manage Pages.

various functions for editing files in PDF Bob

Let’s go through what each of them does.


By default, Annotation is the selected function. The uploaded PDF files can be annotated from here using a variety of tools. These tools include: Hand tool, Select, Text, Highlight text, Pencil, Rectangle, Circle, Line, Arrow, Sticky notes, Underline and Strike-through.

Hand tool and Select: Choose hand tool to scroll through the PDF document.

using the hand tool and selection tool for scrolling and selecting text in PDF Bob

Use the Select tool to select lines of text within the pages.

Text: Choose the text format, size, and color that is to be added. The preview box will show how it will look like.

using the text tool in PDF Bob

Then place the text cursor on pages and add the text.

adding text to PDF files using PDF Bob

Highlight text: Highlight existing text from PDF file for editing.

using the highlighter for highlighting text in PDF Bob

Useful for marking certain areas of text for reference.

Pencil: Add freehand text and scribble to PDF files with this function.

using the pencil tool in PDF Bob

scribbling notes and freehand using the pencil tool in PDF Bob

Rectangle, Circle, Line, Arrow: Add various shapes like rectangles, circles, lines, and arrows to the source PDF file with these tools.

adding rectangle shape to PDF files using PDF Bob

Choose from various options like color of the shapes, stroke width, fill and opacity. The preview pane will automatically show how the shapes will look like as these changes are made.

adding circle shape to PDF files using PDF Bob

adding arrows to PDF files using PDF Bob

Once the shape selection is done, place it in the PDF document as needed.

using the arrow tool to highlight text in PDF Bob

Sticky note: Select sticky note, and click the area in the PDF document where it needs to be added. This will then bring up a text box where notes can be entered.

using sticky note feature in PDF Bob

adding sticky note text in PDF Bob

This will then appear as a sticky note pop-up in the PDF document.

sticky note added to PDF file using PDF Bob

Underline and strike-through: Highlight text using underline and strike-through options.

using the underline feature in PDF Bob

using the strike-through feature in PDF Bob

All the annotations done will appear with a timestamp in the right column of the PDF Bob editor pane.

list of annotations done in PDF Bob


Using this feature is the same as annotating but there are a few features that are present for this compared to Annotation. You can insert pictures in the PDF file by choosing Editing. Also, the option of sticky note, underline and strike-through isn’t available.

using the edit option in PDF Bob

Choose the function from the left pane as needed to edit the files.

Manage Pages:

This is for adding and deleting pages. You can also add new files using this option.

adding, removing and managing pages in PDF Bob

Useful when a revision of the existing PDF file needs to be done.

Finally, once the changes are made, you can export the source PDF file either to a PDF format, a Word document (DOC and DOCx) or as images (JPG and PNG). Click on Export and select the output format.

exporting the edited PDF file to Word format, image formats and as PDF using PDF Bob

You can also password protect this exported file or rename it by clicking on Set filename or password.

PDF file being processed for exporting using PDF Bob

Once the changes are processed, the exported file will now be available for download.

PDF fileavailable for download after editing using PDF Bob

All done. Happy editing.

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