4 Most Important Features Of Every Car GPS Device

Nowadays, people tend to rely on their iPhones and Android mobile devices as well as apps to get to the location they planned. They have to realize that a GPS device is a much better choice in that situation. There are many perks of using a vehicle Global Positioning System device. For example, the data connection isn’t mandatory, and this device will provide you with much more information than you would get from any app imaginable. Be sure that the best car GPS will have many features which will help you to get to your desired destination.

GPS represents a complex network of satellites which happen to orbit around our planet. This system consists of more than thirty satellites, and with the help of your GPS, a minimum of 4 satellites will be in your range at all times. Every one of those satellites is going to transmit info about their whereabouts. The GPS device that is in your possession will use that information so it can conclude where it is on Earth compared to the four satellites from which it receives data.

Now, you have to know what features to look into when you come to a decision and buy a car GPS device. You may think that at first hand that it seems like a non-complicated device, but you’re mistaken. Here are some features that you have to consider when looking to purchase a high-quality car GPS.

1. Screen

The first feature you look when buying a GPS would surely be the screen. You will interact with the GPS device quite often, so it is best to find a screen which will suit you the most. The majority of people go for the 5 or 6-inch screens because your field of vision isn’t disrupted. Although there are also 7-inch units, they can block your view on the road, so that would not be the best option.

2. Voice Control

Voice Control represents a safety feature in a car GPS. With this, you have the opportunity to manage the GPS device without having to use your hands, thus focusing on driving is far easier. Your hands will be on the wheel, so you are completely concentrated on what’s going on in traffic. This feature is quite convenient for those who use it every day and commute to more than one location. For instance, taxi and delivery drivers. With the voice control, say your preferred destination and the navigation will be set up successfully.

3. Live Traffic Updates

In the old days, you would have to pay a certain amount of money if you wanted to have live traffic updates with the help of your GPS device. Today, there are more modern models like the TomTom GPS, which will provide you with traffic updates completely free.

4. User-Friendliness

You want to purchase a GPS device that is easy to use and access, because nowadays it is very important to create something that will be straightforward to operate, and that is the case with the GUI or Graphic UserInterface of the car GPS. It must be user-friendly so you can keep your main attention on driving and not on the usage of the GPS.

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