What Is A Live Casino And How Does It Work?

Wondering what a live casino is? You’re on the right article that is going to expand your knowledge and provide you with all the necessary information.

You need to understand that there is a difference between online casino and live casino, though both are played online. About two decades ago online casino was just like novelty, but that’s not the case today. Today, they are very common and the punters are always on the look for more attractive and exiting ways to put their bets online. Browse through https://truelivecasinos.com/ to get a solid idea!

The casino operators have always been on the run looking for more engaging ways to attract more players and today we have a live casino. Where is exactly the difference between online casino and live casino? Well, the difference lies on who or what you are playing with. In online casino the player interacts with a computer or a program but with a live casino you interact with a fellow human being, not a machine. You have the privilege to play against real dealer and not a computer. Through this mode of play you’re able to get more authentic experience.

Live dealer casino or live casino is mostly played in English and the players have the opportunity to engage in a live chat with dealers, as a player, you can click on the chat button and text the dealer who will in return reply verbally through the camera. You can play live casino over the internet through any supported device of your choice such as computer, tablet or mobile device. There are software that makes this come to a reality. Live casino is just like a physical casino because you’re interacting with real people.

The rules and regulation are constant and similar to those of other modes of play. One of the greatest advantages of playing a live casino is that you get that strong feeling of being in the real action as though there is someone there in front of you. After connecting to the sites that offer live casino you’ll see several players in a live videos standing on blackjack table or real roulette. At times you’ll only see the dealer you’re playing with. Whichever the case, all these dealers are also playing from home just like you.

How it works

Most of the live casino consist of three major rooms; live studio, software room and analyst room. There are several things involved such as live streaming technology, real people, sophisticated software, card tables and roulette among others. The main intention of the operators is to give players great experience just like in the land or live casino. Most of the operators offer wide range of games to pick from.

How genuine or fair is the game? Probably this this could be the most transparent games to play. There are cameras everywhere to help players have a full view of everything taking place in the room. There are also recordings of plays and can be produced any time if requested by the regulators or players. The companies that offer a live casino employs enough stuff to ensure everything runs smoothly such as camera operators, IT managers, pit bosses and croupiers.

What do I need to get started? The first thing you need to have is a gaming platform or device, you need a strong internet connection, and you need some deposit that normally range from $25 to $100 though this may vary from one dealer to another.

Playing processes

There are several stages involved in playing a live casino. The dealer is filmed and then the OCR software transforms that image into a live stream that can be transmitted to all the players that are participating at that particular time. The player has to place his/her wagers after which the dealer will ask for additional information. The bets are then processed by the software in place.
The dealer announces that there are no more bets and then the game kicks off immediately. Results are captured by the cameras which are then displayed on the screen instantly and the players are able to see the winners and the losers. If a player has any question, he/she can ask the dealer who will respond in real time. There are three major live dealer games at a live casino such as live roulette, blackjack and baccarat. Or it can be as simple as downloading live casino app and getting in the game straightaway!

Closing thoughts

There are some individuals who love to be in the casino to enjoy the good smell around, the delicious foods and even the sounds around there. There is another group of individuals that wish to stay away from the expensive restaurants, crowded street prefer to play at the comfort of their homes. If you’re in the second category then this live casino is your perfect match.

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