Schedule Auto Cleanup Of Browsing History In Firefox Using This Add-on

History Cleaner is a useful Firefox add-on if you’d want to automatically delete browsing history after a certain number of days.

Download and install it from here.

History Cleaner add-on for Firefox

Once installed, enable the option to activate it even for private browsing.

Enabling History Cleaner add-on to run in private windows

By default, History Cleaner is disabled once installed. To configure it choose Tools > Add-ons or type the the address bar :


accessing History Cleaner add-on options

Choose Options next to it. In the settings menu, 0 is the default value which means history won’t be automatically deleted.

default setting is history deletion being off in History Cleaner add-on

So change it to the number of days after which it should be deleted. Choosing 1 means after a day, 2 is after two days and so on.

configuring History Cleaner add-on to auto delete history after 1 day

Also, this auto deletion will happen only when the browser is inactive for a minute or more and not when in use.

This is a simple add-on to manage history clean-up on it’s own as it provides the choice of scheduling it after a certain number of days.

All done.

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