Quickly Translate Web Pages And Text When Using Firefox Using This Add-on

To Google Translate is a useful Firefox add-on that makes translating text and web pages easy. It uses Google Translate to do this and instead of you having to open it and copy the text to translate, this add-on does all of it automatically.

To Google Translate Firefox add-on download page

Download and install it from here. You can also enable the add-on to work in private window when prompted.

enabling To Google Translate to run in private windows in Firefox

Also, on the first run the settings options will pop-up.The default settings include Global domain (China being the other option) and the translated language as English.

To Google Translate settings

The source language is set as Auto which is recommended but you can change it too if needed. The translated language for text and web pages too can be changed from here.

changing translation options in To Google Translate


Alternatively, you can also access and change these settings any time by right clicking on the add-on icon and selecting Manage Extension.

accessing To Google Translate settings

Once the add-on is active , it will add a context menu for Google Translate to webpages.

translate text and sentences from web pages using To Google Translate

To translate specific words an sentences, highlight them and right click. Then choose To Google Translate > Translate.

This will automatically bring up Google Translate with the source text and translated text depending on the language settings configured before.

translated text using To Google Translate add-on

For translating entire webpage, right click anywhere and select To Google Translate > Translate this page.

translating entire web page using To Google Translate add-on

Another cool feature is that you can also directly translate individual articles by right clicking the article link and choosing To Google Translate > Translate link.

translating individual articles from web pages using To Google Translate

The article will then be displayed in the translated language.

To translate it as a speech, choose To Google Translate > Listen.

using text to speech translation using To Google Translate

This is a handy add-on to have if you use Google Translate a lot and want to use it automatically rather than manually using it’s translate feature.

Happy translating.

All done.

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