How To Sync Sticky Notes With

The useful Sticky Notes app that comes with Windows 10 is great for reminders and managing pending tasks.

The notes created with it are also automatically synced with But you can also manually sync or try to sync immediately, here’s how :

Search for Sticky Notes from Windows 10 search box (keyboard shortcut : Win key + S) and access Settings.

accessing Sticky Notes in Windows 10

Alternatively, open Sticky Notes and first switch to Notes list view.

switching to Notes list in Sticky Notes


Notes list view in Sticky Notes

Then access Settings from the gear icon.

accessing Sticky Notes settings

From the Help & feedback section, click on Sync now to immediately sync them. Also, if you want you can get additional information about exporting these notes, then from the About section click on Export Notes.

manually sync Sticky Notes with


There will be a brief description of how they are automatically synced and also about exporting inbox.

brief description about exporting Sticky Notes in the help section

To check if they are synced, login to In the inbox, there will be a Notes folder created.

Notes folder created in for Sticky Notes

It should have all the created notes synced to it.

notes created in Sticky Notes synced with

All done.

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