How To Switch To Dark Mode In

Dark mode in as well as the Windows 10 Mail app can be easier on eyes as it changes the entire color scheme to dark.

Using Dark mode in web version

To enable it:

Login to and click on the gear icon.

accessing settings in

This brings up the Quick settings menu. Scroll down and enable the option of Dark mode.

enabling dark mode in

The entire screen will now be in Dark mode which can be a lot easier for reading, focusing and using it. with dark mode enabled

Also, when this dark mode is on, you can also set the mode for individual email messages as light or dark.

toggling emails between light and dark mode

This is through the lights on/off feature. Click on any of the email messages when in Dark mode and change the option from dark to light or vice versa.

switching email messages to use dark mode in

This however can’t be enabled without first switching to Dark mode.

Using Dark mode in Windows 10 Mail app :

To enable Dark mode in Mail app, click on the gear icon from the bottom left.

accessing settings in Windows 10 Mail app

Then choose Personalization.

personalization options in Windows 10 Mail app

Over there, enable Dark mode just like in web version of

enabling Dark mode for Windows 10 Mail app

It will now be active.

dark mode active for Windows 10 Mail app

Also, if you have accounts from other email services configured in Mail app, the Dark mode will be applicable to them as well.

Just as in web version, the individual emails in Mail app can be set to lights on/off mode. This option can only be used when the Dark mode is enabled.Also, this feature will be applicable for all the email accounts that are configured in Mail app.

toggling email messages between dark and light mode in Windows 10 mail app

Click on the email message and toggle between light and Dark mode as needed.

enabling dark mode for individual email messages in Windows 10 mail app

All done.

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