How To Monitor WhatsApp Account On Android

If you’ve read about the hacking techniques and ever thinking it is worth it, then let me tell you guys it is a complete idiocy. Instead of choosing the option for hacking someone’s WhatsApp account the better option is to monitor them with the help of a spying software. Unlike hacking, a spy software is not that complicated, indeed it is easy to use which also does not requires much of the technical knowledge. It can be easily performed by a layman by simply following the basic instructions. Now, the question is how to spy someones WhatsApp?

How To Peep Into Someones WhatsApp Via Spy App?

All you’re required to do is to just get the target users mobile phone for sometime. Please note that these spy apps such as mSpy app need to be installed onto the smartphone of the marked person, hence you are required to get hold of the phone for a couple of minutes. Once you have his/her phone with you, you can quickly visit the website and purchase the software. Thereafter, secretly download and quickly install the software onto the person’s cell phone.

When you download the software you would receive a mail which includes the basic instructions to guide you through the installation process of the spyware. Carefully install the app directly onto the smartphone of the target user. Upon successful installation you are all set to monitor the activities that are taking place in your spotted person’s smartphone. Not only the WhatsApp, in fact much more things can be monitored with the help of an spy app which is definitely advantageous to you over hacking.

Just Keep Few Things In Mind Before Selecting A Spy Software –

  • Get hold of your target’s cell phone for few minutes.
  • Check for the device and spy software’s compatibility.
  • The smartphone should have the data plan or WiFi connection as spyware is of no use without the internet.
  • Purchase the software.
  • Download and Install the Software.
  • Login to website with the provided username and password to ensure that you’re receiving the desired information about the target’s smartphone.

    All the information like group/individual chats along with date and time stamp gets stored on the online control panel of the website from where you can anytime check the information while attending a meeting or travelling somewhere. The multimedia shared via chat messenger can also be viewed.

What More Can You Spy?

Along with the complete WhatsApp chat threads you can remotely keep an eye on the spotted person. Check with whom is S/He chatting with that too at what time, Where are your loved ones hanging around at late nights,etc. Below are the features mentioned which will help you in knowing the true colors of your beloved ones:

  • Get the Phone Call logs in a text format with the specified date and time.
  • Listen and Record the Phone calls for later references with Flexispy software.
  • Know their GPS location.
  • Track the URL’s or Web history they have browsing on their smartphone.
  • Check the chat messengers like WhatsApp, Viber, BBM, iMessage and Facebook.
  • Read the Text Messages and Emails whether read, unread or deleted ones.
  • Track the contacts and other information attached to it, stored in their Phone Books.
  • Track the Multimedia gallery – images, videos and audio files that have been stored and shared via the chat messengers.

Need To Use The Spy Software!

If you believe that your partner/children are going astray then using a spy software is a justified option for you. Moreover this app works in a coveted way hence your target will never come to know that S/He is getting spied. So, better start monitoring your target users to relieve yourself from all the apprehensions.

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