How To Get Ahead In League Of Legends

League of Legends is not an easy game. The complexity of the game is brought about by its many champions, several positions, and an ever-changing meta. Nevertheless, you can always improve your gameplay, regardless of your skill level. Growing in League of Legends often depends on two components: game knowledge and technical skill. Read on to discover how to get ahead in League of Legends.

Technical Skills

The game requires several skills, but all of them fall into the following categories;

1. Last Hitting. If you are a beginner, last hit and securing creep score (SC) is the most crucial skill. This skill is your only source of gold and maybe your single source of income throughout the game. As a result, you need to learn how to secure at least as much CS as your opponents to avoid falling behind. Every 15 CS is equivalent to one kill. If your last hit is low, consider practicing against bots. Avoid focusing on kills or wandering around the map. Instead, aim at getting more CS if you do not have a clear path to an objective.

2. Kiting. The technique behind kiting is simple. Make use of the time between auto-attacks to escape from your opponents. Kiting makes it difficult for your opponents to hit you, especially if they are a melee champion and you are a ranged one. If you time the auto-attacks right, you will not lose any DPS, and your opponent will take long to close on you.

3.  Warding and Flashing Over Walls. Warding and map awareness are crucial skills in League of Legends. You should know that you do not need to be on the same side of a wall for you to place a ward. Warding can be confusing to beginners, but you need to learn how to scout your opponents from a safe place. Flashing over walls is another skill you need to master. Some walls are too thick to flashover. As such, look at your flash range to know which walls you can flashover. In case your flash range is about half the entire wall, you can flash over that wall.

Game Knowledge

1. Meta. The current “meta” describes how best you can play League of Legends regardless of the frequent matchups. Understanding and sticking with the meta will help you to improve your rank. Use tools such as MOBA Champion to understand the current meta. Remember that meta will continuously change as players learn to overcome “OP” champions. What may work on one level may not work on the next one.

2. Master a Champion. There are several champions for you to learn all of them well. Learn to master one champion before moving to the next. Ensure you know every bit about your chosen champion. Understand all the abilities that will maximize your damage output.

3. Learn from your mistakes. All players make mistakes. As such, you need to watch your recordings and see what you can do to improve your defeats.

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