Convert Text To Speech In Different Languages Using This Free Online Tool

Free TTS is a free online conversion tool that makes it simple to convert text to speech. It can convert entered text into MP3 files which can then be downloaded.

To use it, go to the Free TTS homepage here.

Copy paste text that needs to be translated. This tool can accept text upto 2000 characters for converting it to audio.

Free TTS homepage

Next, choose the language to which the text is to be converted to speech.

choose output language for converting text to speech using Free TTS

Free TTS supports various languages like English (UK and US), Danish, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and so on.

Select the output language as required. Next, choose the voice profile.

selecting a voice style in Free TTS for text to audio conversion

Before converting, you can also hear various voice samples listed on the page by scrolling down.

a list of voice samples in different languages when using Free TTS

Free TTS uses Google text to speech conversion using machine learning and also doesn’t store converted text-speech files for more than 24 hours.

After the settings are finalized click Start. An audio output file will be generated.

text converted to audio file in mp3 format using Free TTS

Click on the play button to hear the converted text. You can also save it locally  by clicking on the download link.

download converted text to speech audio file as mp3 using Free TTS

Simple and easy to use.

Happy converting.

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