Lara Croft: Temples And Tombs, A Slot Game Review

It’s not often that an online slot machine is deemed important enough to get a full review, but the fanfare surrounding Lara Croft: Temples and Tombs slot game arguably makes it a worthwhile exercise.

Tomb Raider is, of course, an iconic game, a big part of the lives of any of us who grew up playing PC games in the 1990s. This game is officially licensed material, so no knock-off “Laura Craft” images or anything like that here. It’s a big budget game that is likely to attract fans of the video game series.

Anyway, let’s run down everything you need to know about this 2019 slot game released by Microgaming.


The game, rather unsurprisingly, is set in the tomb of an ancient Egyptian temple. The symbols are made up of various different deities and riches, as well as Lara herself appearing in different guises as the highest paying symbols.


Developers Microgaming have really hit the nail on the head here, with a faithful honouring of the artwork in classic Lara Croft games. Special mention should also go to the animated sequences leading up to the free spins bonus.

General Gameplay

The slot has five reels and three rows, with paylines covering all 243 consecutive combinations working left to right across the reels. That means you will earn a payout provided that three or more symbols have landed consecutively in any position starting on the first reel.

Rolling Reels

The main game uses a Rolling Reels function. This means that any winning combinations explode after they award the payout, and they are then replaced by new symbols to see if any new winning combinations can be created. The process is repeated until no new wins are possible. However, what makes it even more exciting is that a multiplier is applied to each new combination. So, the second win is doubled, the third tripled and so on.


The game is a real money slot. If you want to find out about those, read more here – Obviously, with real money slots there are different levels of payouts, and Lara Croft should be placed in the upper tier as it has a “Grand” jackpot of 5,000 times your bet. You can also win huge amounts of money in the free spins feature. More on that and the jackpot game below.

Free Spins

You will be awarded a minimum of 8 free spins when three Tomb Raider book symbols appear in a combination. The free spins feature is similar to the main game, with a couple of important differences: Firstly, it’s played on a different reel set with extra enhanced symbols; secondly, the win multiplier starts at x3 and goes all the way up to x15.


Wild symbols could substitute for all other symbols in the game to make the best winning combinations, but they also have the function of added to an animated pot of gold at the top of the screen. This pot will grow until the jackpot game is randomly triggered. You will be guaranteed a prize of either 15 times your bet, 100 times your bet or 5,000 times your bet.


While the soundtrack is good, the Lara Croft character provides a running commentary of your gameplay. While we don’t want to criticise such an iconic character, it can get a bit annoying after a while. Reach for the mute button if you like.

Final Word

This is a great example of a slot with crossover appeal, meaning it will attract fans of the Lara Croft movies and video games, as well as serious casino players.



Where you can play it

Microgaming is one of the biggest casino games suppliers on the planet, so you can find Lara Croft: Tombs and Temples at top sites like and other operators who hold Microgaming products.

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