How To Sync Important Emails With Microsoft To-Do App

Microsoft To-Do app which can be used to keep a list of pending tasks between your phone and PC can also sync flagged emails from

This is useful when you’d want to follow up on certain priority emails or be reminded of tasks related to them.

For this to work, the Microsoft account for has to be the same as that which is used for To-Do app.

Here is how to sync them:

Open Microsoft To-Do app on PC and click on account icon. Then choose Settings.

accessing Microsoft To-Do app settings

Scroll down to Connections section and enable the option of Flagged Email.

enable the option of syncing flagged emails in Microsoft To-Do app

Now that the syncing for flagged emails is on, go to Then choose an email message and flag it.

flagging an email message in

That email will now show up in To-Do list under Flagged Email section.

flagged emails from synced with Microsoft To-Do app

Clicking on it will show the details about that email and also the option of adding tasks related to it, adding notes and attachments, setting a reminder, a due date and setting a repeat event for that.

choosing different options for flagged emails from in  Microsoft To-Do app

You can also manually sync by going to To-Do settings (Account > Settings) and from Help & feedback, clicking on Sync.

Manually syncing Microsoft To-Do app

Removing the flag will automatically mark the task related to that email as complete in To-Do app.

All done.

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