How To Download Mailbox As A PST File has a useful feature of exporting your mailbox as a PST file.

Here is how to do that:

Login to web version and access settings using the gear icon. gear icon to access settings
choosing settings

Next, go to General settings and choose Privacy and data.

General settings in

From the Export Mailbox section, click on Export mailbox.

exporting mailbox and search history

Over there, you can also delete or download a complete history of your searches as a CSV file. To do that, click Export from Search history section.

The history will be exported and downloaded as a CSV instantly while exporting the mailbox takes a lot longer.

downloading search history as a CSV file

Once the mailbox export process has started, it can take about 4 days for the it to be available as a PST download. You can track the progress from Privacy and data section. mailbox being exported

Also, an email will be generated once the mailbox is exported and available for downloading. mailbox export completed and available as a PST file download

Simply click the link from the export notification mail or go directly to Privacy and data section and download it from there.

downloading mailbox directly from Privacy and data settings

All done.

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