Extract Text From Images And Scanned Documents Using This Free Online OCR Tool

If you want to extract text from images online like conversion of scanned documents, images, handwritten notes and so on into plain text, then OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tools can help.

Easy ScreenOCR is a free online  tool to do that. It uses Google OCR engine and doesn’t need any sign-up for using it. Also, images that are uploaded for OCR conversion are automatically removed after 30 minutes from the EasyScreenOCR servers.

To use it, go to the Easy ScreenOCR home page here.

To add images for OCR processing, drag and drop them in the input window.

 Easy ScreenOCR homepage

Easy ScreenOCR also supports batch conversion upto 5 images. Once added, click on Upload and Convert.

converting added images to text using Easy ScreenOCR

After the OCR processing is over, a link to download the extracted text from the uploaded images will be visible.

Text file that has extracted text from uploaded images using Easy ScreenOCR

This has the zipped text file containing the extracted text using OCR. For single or multiple images, the output will be available for downloading in the zipped format.

zipped download of text files from images using Easy ScreenOCR

The extracted file should have the text contents from the uploaded images. It is fairly accurate when compared with the source image.

image processed using  Easy ScreenOCR and corresponding OCR processed file that has text extracted from it

All done.

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