Automatically Add Wunderlist Tasks To Microsoft To-Do

Wunderlist is a useful online app for making to-do lists, reminders and for overall task management.

Wunderlist task management app

If you also use Microsoft To-Do app for such purposes, then a cool thing is the Wunderlist sync feature that comes with Microsoft To-Do app. (To-Do app can also sync messages, here is how. )

To import and add your Wunderlist tasks and events to Microsoft To-Do:

Open Microsoft To-Do app and access Settings.

accessing To-Do settings

Click Import.

Import option in To-Do for Wunderlist

You’d need to sign in to Wunderlist account to connect it with To-Do app. If you already use a Microsoft account for it, choose that else sign in with other options.

connecting Wunderlist account with To-Do app

Once the Wunderlist account is linked with To-Do, the details of what will be imported from there to To-Do app will be listed.

list of Wunderlist items that will be imported to To-Do app

As of now task assignments from Wunderlist are not supported for importing but may soon be available.

Again click Import. The overall progress will be visible depending on how many items are to be imported from Wunderlist.

progress of import from Wunderlist  to To-Do app

Once complete, you will get a notification about that.

Wunderlist import to To-Do app complete

You can also directly sync it manually from Account Settings > Sync.

Manually sync in To-Do app

From now on, whatever tasks are added in Wunderlist, they will also be automatically added to Microsoft To-Do app.

It can also be useful to know what was imported. To get the complete details, choose Show last import summary.

Viewing previous import details from Wunderlist

A complete list of what was imported will be displayed.

details of items imported from Wunderlist to To-Do

These include various items like Dates, Reminders, Subtasks and so on.

list of Wunderlist items which were imported in To-Do app

You can also know the location of various items from Wunderlist in To-Do app from the Updates section.

default location of various Wunderlist items and their corresponding To-Do locations

All done.

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