How To Use Dictionary Lookup When Using Microsoft Edge

Learning tools in Microsoft Edge are great for making reading a lot easier.

Edge browser can also automatically display meanings and pronunciations of selected words when reading webpages, books and PDF documents.

To do that:

For webpages, first switch to reading mode by clicking on the book icon.

enabling Microsoft Edge reading view
reading view in Edge browser

Next, highlight any word. Edge will look up it’s meaning and pronunciation. You can also download the offline dictionary if you want. Click on the dictionary icon to download.

looking up word definitions in Edge browser

This is useful when working offline with Edge.

downloading offline dictionary for Edge browser

The subsequent lookups will no longer need an online dictionary to find meaning and won’t show the download dictionary icon either.

using offline dictionary in Edge browser

This dictionary lookup is not just for webpages. You can also set it for reading PDF documents. To enable for that, access Settings.

accessing Edge browser settings

Go to General and from Show definitions inline for section, enable PDF files.

General settings in Edge browser
enable definitions inline for PDF files in Edge browser

Edge browser now will look up words directly even when reading PDF documents.

Happy reading.

All done.

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