Fix Audio Quality When Playing YouTube Videos Using This Firefox Add-on

When watching YouTube videos, it can be annoying to keep adjusting volume settings to have a clear audio quality.

Some videos can have a very low sound at high volume, for some it is the reverse. Also certain videos also have sound output in only one audio channel rather than in all of them.

SoundFixer is a Firefox add-on that can fix these audio playback annoyances easily.

As of now, this add-on works only for YouTube videos and not supported for other online video sites. So for other video sharing sites, the add-on controls may or may not work when trying to adjust the sound output.

Download and install it from here.

SoundFixer add-on page

Details about it can be found on the SoundFixer homepage here.

After it is installed, it will show up next to Firefox address bar.

SoundFixer icon after installing

There are only two settings to be adjusted when watching YouTube videos. The first is Gain to increase or decrease the video volume when the sound is too high or low.

SoundFixer settings for adjusting audio playback of YouTube videos

The second is Pan which is for hearing audio on multiple channels instead of one.

This add-on can be handy when watching YouTube videos using headphones. No more adjusting the headphones to get a clear audio quality.

Happy viewing and listening.

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