Change The Order Of New Tabs In Opera Using This Add-on

SimpleTabOrder is a useful Opera add-on that makes navigating new tabs easier.

What it does is change the behavior of new tabs as in where they open and how they open.

Download and install it from here.

installing SimpleTabOrder add-on in Opera

Once installed, the add-on icon will show up next to Opera address bar.

To change tab behavior, right click on the icon and choose Options.

SimpleTabOrder options in Opera

The initial settings are set to tab defaults. There are two options for managing tabs : On tab open and After tab close.

On tab open:

It has two settings that can be changed : Position and State.

On tab open options for SimpleTabOrder add-on

Position: To change the tab orientation of the new opened tab, choose the options from the drop-down. These include positioning the new tab to either left or the right side of the current tab.

new tabs opening on left of current tab using SimpleTabOrder add-on
New tab set to open to left of the current tab

Also, the new tab can be opened at the extreme right of all the current tabs. This last option is useful when you have many open tabs and want to keep track of new tabs that are being opened.

State: The new opened tabs can be either opened in the foreground (the focus will shift directly to new tab window once opened) or in background (current tab from where it is opened will remain as it is).

After tab close:

There is only one setting to be configured here which is Position.

configuring After tab close options for SimpleTabOrder Opera add-on

Once the tab is closed, the focus can either switch to left tab, right tab or the last active tab.

This is a useful add-on when managing a lot of tabs in Opera.

Happy browsing.

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