Add Sketches In Emails And Scribble Notes On Pictures When Using Windows 10 Mail App

Windows 10 Mail app has a handy feature of directly drawing sketches, jotting notes as well as annotating/sketching on pictures and in messages which can then be emailed.

This Draw feature is applicable for all accounts that are configured to use Mail app as the email client.

Here is how to use it:

Compose a new message by clicking on New mail icon after selecting the email account from which it is to be sent (when multiple accounts are configured).

composing a new message using Windows Mail app

Then click on Draw. The option won’t be enabled yet.

choosing the Draw feature in Windows Mail

So place the cursor in message body to enable it. Then add a drawing canvas by clicking Drawing Canvas.

adding a drawing canvas to messages when using Windows Mail

A frame will now appear in which you can draw/scribble.

resizing drawing canvas in email message to be sent using Windows Mail app

You can also resize this drawing canvas using the dots.

Then choose from a variety of pens and highlighters.

list of available drawing tools - sketch icon, eraser, pens and highlighter in Windows Mail app

The + button can add a new pen or a highlighter as needed.

adding a new pen or highlighter for drawing in Windows Mail app

Colors as well as thickness for pens and highlighters can also be selected.

customizing pens and highlighters with different colors and thickness in Windows Mail app

The eraser icon can be used to delete existing sketches. Use the pen and highlighter combination as needed to create sketches in messages. These can be drawn using mouse after selecting the pen and highlighter.

making a sketch using mouse in email messages using Windows Mail app

Also, if you don’t have a Windows Ink enabled digital pen for touchscreen, then you can use fingers to draw using the sketch icon for touchscreen PCs.

using fingers to draw sketches on touchscreen PCs using Windows Mail app

Pictures that are to be sent with messages can also be annotated or have sketches added to them before sending.

First, insert the picture to be sent by selecting Insert > Pictures.

inserting pictures in Windows Mail app messages

Then choose the Draw feature and use the pencil choices as needed to scribble text or notes.

sketching notes on inserted pictures to be emailed using Windows Mail app

This Draw feature overall is a useful feature when you want to add a quick visual note to existing messages or send rough sketches for ideas.

sample email with sketches using Draw feature of Windows Mail app

All done.

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