Quickly Delete Browsing History In Opera Using This Add-on

History Eraser for Opera is a useful add-on that can clear history of visited sites, cache, downloads list, cookies, passwords and form data. It is by the same developers that made Click&Clean add-on for Firefox and Chrome.

Download and install it from Opera add-ons page.

Once installed, it will show up next to address bar as an icon.

History Eraser add-on installed icon

To begin, click on that.

History Eraser interface

There are 4 modes to use History Eraser Easy, Medium, Hard and Dev.

different modes for using History Eraser

The default Easy mode is recommended as it doesn’t clear out saved passwords while the Hard mode does.

saved passwords are deleted when Hard mode is selected in History Eraser

Also, experimental features can be tried out if Dev mode is selected.

experimental features are enabled when Dev mode is selected in History Eraser

To begin erasing, first choose the time period. It can be either beginning of current session, from the bginning of time, last 8 hours and so on.

Choosing the time period for which history needs to be cleared using History Eraser

The default choices are adequate to clear various web items like cache, download history, indexed databases, plug-ins data and so on.

selecting various items like cookies, cache, downloads list and so on for deleting using History Eraser

You can also manually clear each of them or bulk select and then do it.

Also, the ADVANCED tab can be used to configure if open tabs are to be first closed before the cleanup, or simply close them.

using the Advanced tab of History Eraser for closing and reloading all open Opera tabs

Clicking on the arrow icon next to them can close or reload them without cleanup.

Once all the required items are selected for clean up, click on Run Eraser.

Run Eraser option after selecting what to delete using History Eraser

Depending on the time period and the number of items, it can take a while. After all the items are deleted, a notification will be shown.

clean up complete using History Eraser

If you want to backup your settings, then these can then be exported as a .json file by clicking on Backup options.

using backup and restore options in History Eraser

Save the configuration file as needed.

exporting History Eraser settings as a json file

Whenever Opera is reinstalled or used on a different system, simply import this file with all the History Eraser settings.

You can also configure History Eraser to remember websites only if they are clicked on, or for specific sites. The default setting remembers all the websites visited.

So to change that, right click on the add-on and choose Manage extension.

Managing History Eraser extension

Then, change the level under Site access as needed.

changing site access level for History Eraser in Opera

This is a useful time saving add-on to have when you need to quickly remove the browser bloat and optimize it. Do try it out.

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