How To Send Dropbox Files And Folders As Gmail Attachments

Gmail can include files and folders from Dropbox directly as attachments. These can then be sent directly through email messages.

Here is how:

Login to Gmail and click the add-ons icon + from the sidebar.

gmail add-ons icon

Then from the available list of add-ons for Gmail, choose Dropbox. This is the official Dropbox add-on for Gmail.

Dropbox add-on for Gmail


installing Dropbox add-on for Gmail

Once the add-on is installed, choose DONE.

Dropbox add-on installed for Gmail

Dropbox icon will now be visible in the Gmail sidebar as well as when composing messages.

Dropbox icon visible in Gmail sidebar
Dropbox icon visible when composing new messages in Gmail

To select a file or folder to be added as a Gmail attachment, click the Dropbox icon. Then sign in using Dropbox credentials and allow app access.

sign in to Dropbox for adding attachments in Gmail

Initially, if you are signed into more than one Gmail account from the same browser, you would need to logout and use the one that requires Dropbox attachments.

Dropbox login to access files and folders

Once the sign is successful, the list of files and folders from your Dropbox account will now be visible.

list of Dropbox files and folders available that can be inserted as Gmail attachments

To insert folders as Gmail attachments, choose INSERT LINK. For individual files, use the + icon.

inserting Dropbox folder links and files in Gmail messages

These folders and files will now be sent as Dropbox links that can be directly opened and viewed by recipients.

Dropbox folders as attachment links in Gmail messages

All done.

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