How Can Parents Use The Phone Tracking App to Monitor Children

A phone tracking app is a piece of software application installed on a smartphone that is to be tracked as it is in the case of parents tracking children, employers tracking their employees’ activities online.

What is phone tracking app?

The process involves locating the target phone regardless of whether the user is moving or stationary. To exactly locate the phone, on multilateration (MLAT) of cell phone towers or using GPS is done.

How it works:

A phone tracking app works by GPS. The GPS tracking enables you monitor the exact position of the device.

GPS, a navigation system in space developed and owned by US government connects other network of satellites whose job is to provide data on the devices’ location.

The GPS steeliness signals to the earth when revolving around the plant. A GPS signal receiver gets the signal and tallies the time when it was sent and received.

The data thus obtained furnish the distance of GPS from the receiver. Based on these data the GPS receiver enables to trace the exact location of the receiver with accurate details.

Why use Hoverwatch?

Hoverwatch, as a phone tracker app brings the best results as for its efficacy. It is a user-friendly thanks to its simple and easy-to-understand features. You can use for free for the initial few days. And, then, choose a plan as per your purpose, budget and concern.

You can use the Hoverwatch app for your own for a comprehensive tracking and monitoring app works well on as many devices as you need.

What are the difficulties of installing the application on the phone?

When it comes to problems encountered while installing a phone tracking app, there are different sorts that are likely to arise. These include issues in installation, compatibility with the device, inability on the part of the user to understand installation instructions, and the need to possess the target phone physically.

There are thousands of users having different platform and operating system as well as mobile devices. While using the app, there might be issues because of any issues in the hard ware, network signals, availability of the Internet and the like.

What are the features of the installed application?

As for Hoverwatch phone tracking app, the problem is it’s compatible with. You need to check with your android device system if rooting is needed.

Downloading and installation is at the first step to before you start using the spy app. The process is almost same for all such apps.

It is better to gains some grasp on this aspect before you install an app.

The best way to avoid issues after installation is to have good knowledge of the process. That is, you should make some reading on the subject. This will help you strictly adhere to the installation instructions.

Read carefully the instruction. There is no point in hurrying. Make sure that you have the proper understanding of them. Further, if the customer care is of good quality, it is likely to make the task much easier.

Carefully choose a subscription that is best for your device. For example, if your choose Hoverwatch for your Android phone it is fine. However, it may be a little problematic if you choose the same app for your iPhone. The iPhone is to be subject to jailbreaking. You cannot do it without jailbreaking.

Occasionally, you face a situation when you cannot get the recorded call or see videos. This might be because of some additional software that is required to be there in your mobile. For example, you can use VLC media player.

Sometimes the site of the service provider does not work. This is due to the constant download to the site, which can sometimes lead to a server shutdown.

Parents can know what the kids are doing online on a real times basis using apps like Hoverwatch. They can also know about who kids are talking to on phone, what sort of content they are sharing with others, and above all, protect children from online shit.

Likewise, log reports may not come. This might be because of connectivity. Your mobile might not the Internet connectivity at the time when you were expecting the report.

A story about using a phone tracking app:

Charlotte Davis is a in a senior executive position at a mid-size software company in Portland, Oregon, United States. Being a brilliant woman, she rapid entered the upper echelon of the management.

Along with this, work challenges became higher. Charlotte managed to execute each successfully. At home are her nine-year kid boy Ryan and her man Jacob. Charlotte takes care of Ryan a lot be it in his academic tasks, or spending some time win watching TV or some physical work like watering the garden plants.

However, Charlotte is a lot concerned about what Ryan is doing when he is out home. She finds Ryan often playing video games on his smartphone and look as if he is addicted to it. Charlotte’s man Jacob is also at a day job. However, he comes before Charlotte reaches back home in the evening when both Ryan and Jacob both are home. Jacob suggested to install phone tracking app Hoverwatch.

Once they bought the subscription, Jacob started on the installation process. However, he chose the iPhone version instead of Android version. When an error message popped up, he changed it to other version. Otherwise it was little difficult. It took close to five minutes.

Then, Jacob started tracking what their kid did on the day when he was away from home at school. Overall, Hoverwatch helped Jacob and Charlotte amply because either of them monitors their kid. They were happy with the performance of the app. Occasional glitches were there. Of course, they were hardware issues. And, it is not because of the phone tracking app.

Pros and cons of such programs:

The software for cell phone tracking are good for monitoring online behavior of the user of the target device.


  • Quickly enables to track a target deice
  • Helps parents protect children from the evil impact of the Internet.
  • Good for preventing potential crime


  • The target device might become slow.
  • If it’s the matter of trust, it could undermine the relationship between the target phone user and those who installed the app.
  • If you’re an employer, it could lead to legal issues unless you take precautions by seeking the advice of law professionals.


Today, it becomes important to track the activities of the various groups – students, employer, infidel spouses, and more. Using cell phone spying apps will enable the device interest groups (parents, employers, spouses, spying agents…) to take more meaningful decision to bring a positive income. Thus, the Hoverwatch app is a helpful and productivity boosting tool.

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