Easily Manage RSS Feeds Using This Chrome Add-on

Using a feed reader is helpful in compiling information which can then be available at a quick glance.

For a Chrome add-on, Feedbro would be a good choice as it makes managing RSS feeds quite simple.

It can do many things like sharing these feed items on social networks, group them based on tags, support IFTTT and much more.

Installing Feedbro:

Download and install it from here.

installing FeedBro from Chrome Web Store

Once installed, the Feedbro icon will show up next to omnibox.

FeedBro drop-down in Chrome

Click on Open Feed Reader to get started.

FeedBro Reader main interface

Over here, you can add new feeds, import existing feeds and also change various settings.

The Settings tab can change keyboard shortcuts, define article age (useful when only wanting the latest updates), change the feed reader view settings, disable auto scanning for feeds and so on.

Feedbro settings

Adding and managing feeds:

To add a new feed, click on Add a new feed. Then enter the feed URL and give it a name, click Save when done.

adding a new RSS feed in Feedbro

A cool thing about Feedbro is that it also supports protected feeds. To use that, enter the username and password for the subscribed feed.

After subscribing to feed, the articles and updates for that will be visible.

RSS feed articles displayed using Feedbro

You can also share the feed on various social networks by clicking Send To and even use a scheduling service like Buffer to do it.

sharing feed articles in Feedbro to different social networks

Also, to tag these feeds click on the tag icon next to Delete, choose Add Tag and enter a related hashtag.

tagging feed articles in Feedbro

All these feed items will now be available from Tags section.

list of articles grouped using tags in Feedbro

This is great to group items based on category even if they belong to different feeds.

If you have an existing OPML file from which the feeds need to be imported, click on Import feed subscriptions as OPML.

importing OPML feed subscriptions in Feedbro
OPML feed subscription imported in Feedbro

You can also set rules for different feeds. To do that, click on Rules. Then choose the feed for which rules are to configured.

configuring rules for various feeds in Feedbro

Choose the feed for which rules are to set from When fields and the corresponding actions from Action.

configuring actions for different feeds in Feedbro

These can include starring a new feed item as soon as it arrives, enabling a desktop alert, tagging it, hiding or deleting it and so on.

selecting an action for feed items using rules in Feedbro

You can also search for new feeds. Click the + icon and enter some search terms.

exploring and adding new feeds using Feedbro

Feedbro will display relevant websites with feeds which you can then subscribe to. Pretty cool.

Also, if you would like to manage and view various details of feeds, choose Feed Statistics.

using the Feed Staistics option to view feed details

From here you can delete the feeds too if needed.

deleting feeds in Feedbro

This is a useful add-on that makes subscribing and managing feeds a lot easier.

Do try it out.

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