Customize Hotkeys For Switching Between Input Languages In Windows 10

If you have more than one input languages installed in Windows 10, you can assign a hotkey combination to switch between them as needed. This will be visible in the taskbar too.

Here is how:

Access Windows Settings (shortcut key : Win key + I) and choose Devices.

accessing Devices settings in Windows 10

Next, select Typing.

configuring Typing settings in Windows 10

Scroll down to More keyboard settings and click on Advanced keyboard settings.

Configuring advanced keyboard settings in Windows 10

Choose Language bar options to bring up the Text Services and Imput Languages settings.

changing the language bar options in Windows 10

From the Advanced Key Settings, choose the input language for which hotkeys need to be set from under Hot keys for input languages.

Configuring advanced key settings in Windows 10

Click Change Key Sequence.

configuring key sequences in Windows 10 for input languages

Select the option of Enable Key Sequence. Then assign keyboard shortcuts as needed from the drop-down menu.

setting hotkeys for switching text input language in Windows 10

Ctrl-0 can be the first input language, Ctrl-1 can be the second and so on.

Besides Ctrl, other key combinations too can be chosen like Ctrl+Shift and Left Alt+Shift but fewer hotkeys combination is easier to remember.

choosing multiple hotkeys combinations for switching text input language in Windows 10

Save the changes.

From now on, you can directly change the input language with these hotkeys. The languages selected will be displayed in the taskbar.

changing keyboard input language  to US English through hotkeys in Windows 10
changing keyboard input language  to UK English through hotkeys in Windows 10

All done.

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