Auto Delete Temp Files And Empty Trash In Ubuntu 19.04

You can schedule auto deletion of temporary files and empty trash in Ubuntu 19.04 (Disco Dingo).

Here is how:

Access Ubuntu Dash from the sidebar.

Ubuntu 19.04 desktop

Search for Settings.

accessing Dash in Ubuntu 19.04

From Privacy section, select Purge Trash & Temporary Files.

Privacy settings in Ubuntu 19.04

Enable the options for automatically emptying trash and purging temporary files.

enabling auto delete and purging in Ubuntu 19.04

From Purge After, select the time period (the default is 30 days) after which they will be auto deleted.

time intervals after which temp files will be auto deleted in Ubuntu 19.04

You can also immediately existing temporary files and empty trash by choosing Purge Temporary Files and Empty Trash.

manually deleting temp files in Ubuntu 19.04
manually deleting trash in Ubuntu 19.04

Also if you would like to set custom keyboard shortcuts for various tasks like accessing settings, launching web browser and so on, you can do so from Settings > Devices > Keyboard.

The steps are the same as in Ubuntu 18.04. More on that here.

setting custom keyboard shortcuts in Ubuntu 19.04

All done.

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