Send Files Through Bluetooth Between Windows 10 PCs Using Nearby Sharing

With the Windows 10 April 2018 update (version 1803), there is now a feature of Nearby sharing.

This feature makes it very easy to transfer files between different Windows 10 PCs without setting up a network. It does this by using Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi network.

There are other useful Bluetooth features too that Windows 10 makes use of like Dynamic Lock.

The prerequisite for Nearby sharing is that the PCs have Windows 10 version 1803 or higher and Bluetooth support if transfers are to be done using that.

To know which Windows 10 version the PCs are running, open Run box (Windows key + R) and type winver.

finding the Windows 10 version number

This will display the Windows 10 version number.

windows 10 version details using winver command

Here is how to use Nearby sharing for Windows 10 PCs through Bluetooth.

Configuring Nearby sharing :

On the source PC, go to Settings (shortcut: Windows key + I) and choose System.

accessing Windows 10 system settings

Then scroll down to Shared experiences and enable the options for Nearby sharing.

enabling nearby sharing on source Windows 10 PC

You can choose either sharing for Everyone nearby (thereby making your PC visible) or just My devices only.

changing nearby sharing options for sharing between devices

Also the default destination path where the files will be received can be changed from Save files that I receive to option.

Repeat the same for the destination PC which will use Nearby sharing.

configuring nearby sharing options on destination Windows 10 PC

Sending files:

Next, enable Bluetooth and Nearby sharing for both the PCs. This can be done from the Action Center itself from the system tray.

enabling bluetooth and nearby sharing from Windows 10 action center

Now, to send a file, right click on it and choose Share.

sharing a file in Windows 10

There will now be an option of sending it to the destination PC which will be listed there.

list of available Windows 10 PCs that can receive files using nearby sharing

Click on it, the destination PC will now get a notification of incoming file transfer.

accepting incoming file on destination Windows 10 PC using nearby sharing

Choose Save or Save & Open as needed.

file transfer complete using nearby sharing

Once the transfer is complete, you can view the files in the destination path as set in Nearby sharing.

Simple and quick.

All done.

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