Instantly Generate QR Codes For Websites Using This Firefox Add-on

Using QR codes can be a lot quicker when trying to access websites from mobile devices.

This saves the need to type in full URLs as all you’d need to do is simply point and scan the QR code. 

There is a useful Firefox add-on too –Tab2QR that can translate website addresses into QR codes which can then be accessed from mobile devices. Download it from here.

Tab2QR Firefox add-on page

Once installed, it will show up in the address bar.

Tab2QR icon in address bar

Using it is very simple and needs no configuration as such.

Simply access the websites as before from PC and to get the QR code for them, click the Tab2QR icon.

generating QR codes for websites using Tab2QR

This will display the corresponding QR code as a drop-down. You can then directly access these webpages on mobile devices by scanning the QR code.

QR code instantly generated for websites using Tab2QR

No need to type or remember the full URL. You can also take a screenshot of the generated QR code and save it.

saved QR code as a screenshot / image capture

Simply open that and scan for accessing websites anytime.

To manage the add-on right click on it and choose Manage Extension.

configuring Tab2QR options

You can then change the update options from default to on/off.

changing the update settings for Tab2QR add-on

This is a handy add-on when you don’t want to setup browser sync yet want to quickly access websites that you browse from PC.

All done.

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