How To Download Videos And GIFs From Twitter

It can be useful to download useful videos and GIFs from Twitter which can then be used in later Tweets.

Twitter Video Downloader is an online tool that does that. It can download embedded videos and GIFs from tweets which can then be saved to PC or mobile devices.

To get started, first copy the Tweet link which contains the video/GIF that needs to be downloaded.

Next, go to Twitter Video Downloader and copy paste that link in the main box and then click Download.

Twitter Video Downloader home page

Next, there will be an option of downloading this as a MP4 file.

downloading videos embedded with Tweets using Twitter Video Downloader

Also if the embedded video supports different resolutions, those too will be available when downloading.

choosing a video resolution when downloading Twitter video using Twitter Video Downloader

Click Download Video. The video will now open in browser, right click and choose Save Video As. You can also take a specific snapshot from the video by choosing Save Snapshot As. Choose the local path as needed.

save video locally using Twitter Video Downloader

The video will now be available for playback locally and can be uploaded when composing tweets.

downloaded video from Tweets now available locally for playback

All done.

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