5 Useful Features For Managing Open Tabs In Google Chrome

Google Chrome comes with some useful features when working with many open tabs.

Here are the most useful ones :

1.Omnibox tab search : If you have lots of tabs open, it can be tedious to locate and navigate to that particular tab.

omnibox search for finding open tabs in Google Chrome

A shortcut for this is to simply type the name of the tab in omnibox (same address bar that is used for typing in website URLs).

open tab listed in omnibox search box

Google Chrome then will automatically list the opened tab and an option of Switch to this tab.

switching to located tab from Google Chrome omnibox search box

You can then click and jump to that tab.

2. Close multiple tabs : Right click on a tab and close all the other tabs with this feature.

closing multiple tabs at once in Google Chrome

It can close all the open tabs except that one or the ones that are right next to it. This is useful when you have a lot of unnecessary tabs opened, simply go to the nearest useful tab and use this feature.

3. Pin tabs : Tabs can be pinned to the left. This comes in handy when you want one main tab always open but don’t want to clutter the tab area. Right click the specific tab anc choose Pin tab.

pinning tabs in Google Chrome

That tab will now be pinned to extreme left and will be identified by it’s favicon if the website has any.

pinned tab in Google Chrome

4. Duplicate tabs : Open the same tab again by using this option. Again, right click the specific tab and choose Duplicate.

opening a duplicate tab in Google Chrome

The same tab will now open next to it.

5. Reopen closed tabs : This can be very effective when you accidentally close an open tab. Simply, right click on any other tab and choose Reopen closed tab.

reopen closed tab in Google Chrome

The last tab closed will now be opened again.

These are useful features that come by default for tab management in Google Chrome.

Also, if you are looking for a tab management add-on to reduce clutter with many tabs open, OneTab can be useful.

Happy browsing.

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