Set Sticky Notes Reminders Using Cortana In Windows 10

The content of Sticky Notes in Windows 10 can be automatically added as a reminder through Cortana.

Here is how :

Open Sticky Notes by searching for them (Windows key + S), and typing Sticky Notes .

accessing Sticky Notes in Windows 10

Make a new note and enter a specific date, day or time.

making a note with date and time in Sticky Notes

This will automatically be highlighted.

Click on this highlighted part and choose Add Reminder which will be visible at the bottom of the note.

adding a time and date reminder from Sticky Notes to Cortana in Windows 10

Cortana will then automatically pop-up and ask for a date and time as to when this reminder needs to be displayed.

setting Cortana reminder for Sticky Notes

Select as needed and click Remind. You can also change photo that will be displayed as a reminder if needed.

Sticky Notes reminder saved in Cortana

On that scheduled time and date, the sticky note content will be visible as a reminder through Cortana.

Sticky Notes reminder displayed by Cortana

This can be great to keep a short list of tasks that don’t need to be added to calendar but need a quick notification at times.

Sticky Notes reminders through Cortana can help with that.

All done.

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