How To View Per App Data Usage And Set Data Limits In Windows 10

Windows 10 can list the data usage per app and also set limits on network data consumption similar to that in Windows 8.

If you are looking for a third party tool that can monitor the total network bandwidth, NetWorx can be useful.

Here is how to manage data usage in Windows 10 :

Access Windows Settings (Windows key + I) and go to Network & Internet.

accessing Windows 10 settings

To know the data usage per app, click on View usage per app.

data usage section in Windows 10

This will list the total data usage per app.

Per app data usage details in Windows 10

If you have multiple network adapters, choose the specific one from the drop-down of Show settings for.

choosing network adapter for which the data usage is to be viewed and set in windows 10

To set data limit, from the Data limit click Set limit.

Setting data limit options in Windows 10

Choose the limit type which can be monthly, one time or unlimited.

various data limit options in Windows 10

These options come in handy when you use a portable hotspot and want to limit the data consumption.

If Monthly or Unlimited options are selected, you can also set a monthly reset date for them.

For one time option, choose the number of days until the data limit expires.

Setting the number of days to data limit expiry when one time option is selected in Windows 10

Finally, set the data limit restrictions in MB/GB and click Save.

setting data limit restriction in Windows 10

All done.

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