How the Mechanism of Online Slots Games Work

Slots are one of the most popular games in the online gambling industry. Everything from spinning of the reels to the anticipation is exciting, which is why many people prefer playing slots over other games at casinos. But the internet has made the world a smaller place.

Today, you can play slots from the comfort of your home. Over the last few years, websites have popped up promising to offer the same gambling experience you get at a land-based casino. However, many people are skeptical about these online games and hesitant to play them because they don’t know how they work. In this short guide, we are going to discuss how the online version of slots games works.

The Development of Online Slot Games

Gambling sites don’t develop their own online slots games. They get their games from third-party gaming companies that have experts in the field. The framework and operation of the systems is the same. The design may vary from one online casino to another, but the working mechanism is the same.

Some slots games have interesting features and extras meant to enhance the gaming experience. Leading developers in the online casino gaming industry include Microgaming, Net Entertainment, NextGen, Playtech, WMS, and others. You will find their games at nearly all online casinos.

How Online Slots Work

Online slots use a device called Random Number Generator (RNG) which generates a sequence of symbols in a random manner. It does not have inbuilt memory; therefore, every session is unique. Every time you click the “spin” button, the game generates a unique set of numbers. Your success and failure in previous sessions have no impact on the outcome of the next session. For instance, if you were lucky to win the jackpot in your previous session, your current session won’t be affected by your win. There is no pattern or strategy that can help you predict the outcome of the game

How RNG Works

The random numbers are generated by complex algorithms. These numbers are generated in milliseconds when you click the “play” button and will create a number each time you play. It is not programmed to produce certain results. You are likely to win in internet-based slots as you do in regular slot machines. These games are not developed to favor the house in any way.

The moment you hit that button, the system starts generating numbers. The outcome of the session depends on how you trigger the reels. The generated number set depends fully on the type of game you choose. For instance, if you play a 3 reel slot machine, the RNG generates a different set of numbers for every reel. If the reels match, you win the jackpot.

Is The System Authentic?

Reputable online casinos can’t use just any slot software. The game must be tested and approved by the relevant authorities to ensure that the numbers generated by the RNG are truly random. Online casinos have to follow the guidelines and regulations that have been put in place by the authorities and mistakes are not tolerated.

Approved games ensure that gameplay is fair and players are not cheated. You just have to make sure that you are playing at gambling site that is licensed and regulated by recognized authorities. Fake gambling sites are likely to use games that don’t have RNG. This could lead to unfair practices, which is illegal.

Types of Slots

All slots games use RNG and have the same basic framework, but gameplay options are different. You don’t have to play the same slots machines every time and can change anytime. Here are the different types of online slots:

  • Three-reel slots

This is the best slots games for beginners as it is the easiest to play. The low-risk game has 3 reels with diverse symbols and a single pay line.

  • Multiple reel slots

These slots games have 5 reels and multiple pay lines. They also have beautiful animations and graphics. This helps in enhancing the game experience. In addition, 5 reels are popular and are found in nearly all online casinos.

  • Free spins slots

This game is popular because gamblers believe they lose so much and the game increases their chances of winning. When they land a certain combination of symbols, they get free spins

  • Bonus slot game

With a random bonus on active pay lines, your chances of winning have been improved in this game. Seasoned online players prefer playing bonus games

  • X of Y bonus slots

When payers reach a certain number of a selected symbol over their gameplay session, they land bonus spins. The position of the reels does not determine whether you get a bonus or not, but rather the number of times a certain symbol is displayed on it. This slot provides different gameplay levels to keep things exciting and interesting

  • Multi-level bonus

This game offers different play levels, with rewards and risks increase in every level. In order to get to the next level, you have to complete the previous one successfully.

  • Progressive jackpot

This is another popular online slot games as it gives players the chance to win huge prices. The jackpot price can reach a few thousand dollars. This game is design for players who want to place larger bets. The system is usually linked to different slot machines, websites, casinos, etc so that the payout can be bigger.


Online slots are secure and versatile games. They are designed to deliver random results. Casino operators cannot tamper with the software, and any alterations are made under the supervision of the Gaming Commission.

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