Create And Edit Videos Online For Free Using FlexClip

FlexClip is a free online tool that makes it easy to create and edit videos without any prior experience.

To start using it, go to the main page and sign up for free.

FlexClip sign-up page

Once registered, login. The dashboard will consist of adding a new project to get started. Click on that to begin.

FlexClip dashboard

Note : A limitation of FlexClip as of now is that it doesn’t support browsers other than Google Chrome.

FlexClip only supports Google Chrome for now

So if you are using other browsers and trying to create a new video editing project, a notification about using Google Chrome will be displayed.

The workspace for editing videos consists of two panes.

user interface consisting of two panes - one to edit and other to preview

The left one is where you would add video effects and the right where these can be previewed.

To upload a video, click on the camera icon from the right pane. Images too can be uploaded from the image icon next to the upload video icon. The microphone icon is used to record audio if enabled.

uploading videos, images and recording audio in FlexClip

The editing pane of left consists of adding text, music and settings.

TEXT : This section includes adding a text to the video or a logo. Click on the Text option and select how text effects will look like.

text and logo effects that can be added to videos when using FlexClip

To add a logo, click Logo. The options here include adding a website name and other details depending on the video type being made.

Once the text settings are added, fonts as well as text size can be customized. All of these will be available from the right pane.

changing font settings when adding text to videos in FlexClip

Also background color of videos can be changed by selecting bucket icon from the right pane. Choose a color as needed.

changing the video background color in FlexClip

MUSIC : Upload your own music clips or a voiceover.

uploading custom music to be added to videos in FlexClip

This is useful when making video tutorials or making the video more interactive.

SETTING : Various settings like uploading a watermark to be added as well as changing the aspect ratio can be set from here.

Settings to change aspect ratio and uploading watermark in FlexClip

After editing videos and adding text/logo effects, click the PREVIEW button to see the video playback.

Once the editing is done, export the video by choosing EXPORT VIDEO.

exporting video created or edited in FlexClip

FlexClip allows exporting videos in 480p, 720p and 1080p.

changing the video quality in FlexClip

After selecting the required quality, the video will automatically be downloaded after encoding.

video being encoded before it is downloaded in FlexClip

A notification will appear once the export process is successful.

video successfully exported and downloaded using FlexClip

The downloaded video will be available in the downloads folder as set in Google Chrome.

All done.

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