Use Of Technology In eSports Betting


We live in a very technologically advanced age. Computers and mobile phones are only one of the many conveniences of modern life. Where once you needed to go to a library to find out information, you can look almost anything up instantly, with something small enough to fit in your palm. Where once you had to physically go somewhere to place your bets, now you can do it online, from the comfort of your own home.

Is it any wonder that betting on the new breed of sports, the electronic sports or eSports, has become so popular, then? It’s a radical change that promises fun and challenges to all those who seek the thrill of betting and definitely allows you to bet based on what you love. Still, if you’re worried, maybe look into the latest casino bonus you can find that suits you. This way you at least minimize risk and make sure to bet the most with the least you can.

Betting on the Outcome of Games

Let’s briefly explore why this might be the betting venue for you as well as why you should seriously consider doing it. We’ll be looking at how huge this industry has grown, how fun it can be even at the tensest moments and finally the security it offers, unlike most other bets. Let’s start with the security aspect.

Why it’s Safe to Bet on eSports

Simply put, eSports are too new and too decentralized to be corrupt and exploited by the mafia, for example, as traditional sports are. Fixing matches and arranging one team to miraculously win over the other is not something possible in the arena of online entertainment and let me explain why.

First of all, the players of games such as Counter-Strike and League of Legends make their living primarily by being the best. You cannot be an eSports athlete while being mediocre or talented and faking that you’re putting in the effort.

Sponsorships dry up instantly and that’s the lifeblood of any tournament and team. If you lose them, then you fall apart. Bad marketing and team dynamics, described as toxic by a lot of the community are also something that drives sponsors away. Trying to fix a match would cause that toxicity.

Second of all, fixing a match is impossible to do without being so obvious it becomes worthy of mockery. You could do it once, and then the whole thing would become clear and you’d be ruined.

This largely comes with the fact that eSports players practice a lot. 16 hour days where they spend all that time playing their chosen game or discussing strategy are fairly common. Hell, it’s somewhat humorous when some players claim they practiced a full 8 hours a day. That’s why it’s impossible to believe someone who puts so much practice in suddenly can’t hit a headshot in a tournament.

Thirdly, the players are always in the public eye. It’s one thing for a football player to arrange a clandestine negotiation with a mobster but eSports athletes stream their lives a lot. They’re constantly under scrutiny by avidly loyal fans and any irregularities would be noticed not just by those fans, but commissions as well.

Oversight of online earnings is very strict in these cases, so any massive, unexplained income boosts, even suspicious donations on streams, are very much red flags to most.

The Industry is Enormous

Because I cannot stress this enough, let me clarify again: The eSports industry is on the rise, as evidenced by the massive profits for dozens of the best athletes in the world, every year. That’s why its gambling scene is growing alongside it, as well. Simply put, with larger and larger events, bringing in millions of people worldwide, the gains to be made from betting on the outcomes only get larger.

Top industry analysts are all betting on this increase, in fact. There are thousands of different options and outcomes to bet on, too. From who wins a tournament to who picks a specific champion in an online game the most times. The quotas are quite competitive as well, to encourage people.

New, Exciting and Fun

Betting on eSports is vastly different than betting on the traditional kind. You’re not betting one team will score the most points. You’re betting another team will kill the other team the most. You’re betting a giant polar bear is going to smack down a cosmic dragon. You’re betting a terrorist is going to manage to plant a bomb before the counter-terrorist operative stops him.

It’s insanity, but the most fun kind imaginable. For everyone bored of betting that Barcelona will score more than a single goal for the semi-finals, this is the ideal alternative. You can analyze and see which teams and players are the best, with the raw skill they’ve demonstrated. You can get immersed in practically a whole new world, each time.


You now know everything you need to make your decision. Do you keep betting on 2 goals or do you switch to the modern day, online gladiatorial games? The choice is yours.

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