Stream Worldwide Radio Stations In Firefox And Google Chrome

Worldwide Radio is a Firefox and Google Chrome add-on which can play online radio with over 30,000 radio stations to choose from different countries.

Download and install it from here – Firefox, Google Chrome.

There will be radio icon visible once it is installed. Click on it to get started.

Worldwide Radio icon for Firefox add-on after installing

A list of regions will be displayed. You can also select radio stations based on countries.

choosing radio stations from different regions in Worldwide Radio add-on

To select a radio station, click the play button next to it.

list of radio stations available using Worldwide Radio add-on

The selected radio stream will now stream and you can listen to it.

playing a radio station using Worldwide Radio add-on

The add-on icon then will change to equalizer/beats indicating that a radio station is being streamed.

Worldwide Radio add-on icon when playing radio stations

A useful feature of Worldwide Radio is adding favorites. So if you listen to different radio stations from various countries, simply click the star icon next to the radio station.

adding a radio station as a favorite in Worldwide Radio add-on

This will add that radio station to favorites list.

The toolbar is simple enough to manage and play radio.

toolbar for managing radio stations in Worldwide Radio add-on

Besides the standard next, previous, pause and other functions, a search function is included.

So you can filter radio stations based on genre, location, name etc and listen to them.

Other functions include choosing a random radio station and shuffling among them. Settings for shuffling can be changed by clicking the gear icon.

Worldwide Radio add-on shuffle timer settings

Also custom radio stations can be added. Click the user icon and then the + sign.

adding a custom radio station in Worldwide Radio add-on

Enter the radio station name and the streaming link for it.

adding a streaming link for custom radio station in Worldwide Radio add-on

This is a nice add-on to have if you’d want streaming radio stations right from within Firefox and Google Chrome.

Happy listening.

  1. rkunz says:

    where i can close the radio add-on without close the browser?