How To Use Google Chrome To Scan For PC Malware

Google Chrome comes with a few safeguards in order to prevent loading malicious websites and keeping computer safe. These include Safe Browsing which is on by default and also a built-in scanner for checking malicious software.

To use Google Chrome to check PC for malicious software :

Go to Chrome settings by clicking on the three vertical dots at top right window or by typing in address bar :


accessing Google Chrome settings

Next, expand the Advanced section.

Advanced settings for Google Chrome

Then scroll all the way down to Reset and clean up . Click on Clean up computer.

use clean up computer option to scan for malware using Chrome

The scan will take a while to finish and the results will be displayed.

Chrome clean up scan complete

Also, another option to prevent surfing malicious websites is to run the browsers and even apps in a sandbox tool like Sandboxie.

All done.

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