Free Giveaway : Wise Duplicate Finder Pro

A new giveaway is here. 🙂

In association with WiseCleaner, free giveaway copies of Wise Duplicate Finder Pro originally worth $14.96 are up for grabs.

Wise Duplicate Finder Pro product box

Wise Duplicate Finder Pro is a file finder tool which makes it easy to scan and delete duplicate files based on file name, size and content.

Key Features :

  • Search and delete duplicate files to optimize disk space
  • Filter searches by file types, names and size
  • Option of deleting files based on timestamp and last modified
  • Backup and restore deleted files

Giveaway details :

This giveway requires no participation and is valid from 25th January 2019 to 1st Feb 2019.

Directly download and install the giveaway version of Wise Duplicate Finder Pro from here.

This version has all the features of the commercial one but the only restriction is that it won’t support any future updates.

Using Wise Duplicate Finder Pro :

It is simple file finding tool to use. From the Location drop-down, choose the source path which needs to be scanned for duplicate files.

Wise Duplicate Finder Pro interface

Scanning options include partial match, exact match and match name and size.

search criteria when using Wise Duplicate Finder Pro

Click on Scan to begin.

list of duplicate files found using Wise Duplicate Finder Pro

Partial match searches will be fast compared to exact matches. You can also search and delete zero byte files by choosing that from the drop-down.

searching and deleting zero byte files using Wise Duplicate Finder Pro

Once the list of files is displayed, you can mark specific ones and delete them or click Keep One and choose which ones need to be deleted – Newest/oldest created and newest/oldest modified.

Keep One options in Wise Duplicate Finder Pro

Custom search filters can also be set from Advanced Settings to include/exclude specific folders, file names, file types and keywords.

advanced search filters in Wise Duplicate Finder Pro

Also, previously deleted files can restored by clicking on Menu icon > Backup and Restore.

Choose the files to be restored and click Restore Selected.

Happy downloading.

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