Use Different Google Services From Within A Single Tab In Google Chrome

With so many Google services like Search, YouTube, Maps, Calendar, Translate and so on, it can be useful to have a single dashboard to access them when needed.

Black Menu for Google is a Chrome extension that does just that. You can add/remove any of the Google services depending on use and access them through this extension.

Download and install it from here.

Black Menu for Google Chrome add-on

After it is installed, click on the rainbow square icon.

Black Menu for Google installed in Chrome

This will display a view with two panes : left pane is where you can use the Google services selected and the right for listing these services.

Default view for Black Menu for Google extension

The common and most widely used Google services are already listed in the right pane are visible by default. To access them, click on any of those and the left pane will launch them.

using different Google services through Black Menu for Google

Search the web, view YouTube videos, translate text, keep notes, read the news and much more without opening different tabs for each of them.

using Google Translate from Black Menu for Google extension

Any of the other Google services too can be added to this active view. Click on Customize and search from the left pane and drag the required ones from left to the right pane.

adding various Google services to Black Menu for Google add-on

After done adding, click Finish.

Other settings can be changed from the top gear icon for this extension. Options like customizing the menu, changing the extension theme and enabling/disabling desktop notifications can be set from here.

configuring settings for Black Menu for Google

So with this extension, there is no need to open separate tabs for each of the commonly used Google services.

Do try it out.

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