Digitally Sign PDFs Using New & Improved Able2Extract Professional 14

Signing PDFs on desktop computers instead of doing it manually speeds up the process of dealing with business documentation significantly.

One more benefit of using software tools to sign PDF is that it cuts down on costs related to printing, scanning and sending paper documents.

Able2Extract Professional 14 is a brand new iteration of a well-known tool for dealing with everything PDF-related that brings even more features to its users in this latest version.

Able2Extract product box

 For the remainder of this article we’ll show you how you can utilize Able2Extract to sign PDFs on your computer and authorize signed documents you receive to make sure they came from a trustworthy source.

How to Sign PDF

The PDF signature feature in Able2Extract is accessed through the Signature tab on the right-hand side of the program interface.

Bonus tip:

When users start Able2Extract Pro 14 for the first time, they’ll be presented with the Show tips dialog window where they can choose to take a tour of several important features. One of them is a Sign a PDF feature.

Able2Extract Pro interface

The first step you need to take in order to add electronic signatures to your file is to open the PDF you would like to sign. Press the Open icon in the main toolbar and browse for the document.

Next, open the Digital Signatures tab in the Annotations panel on the right.

If you are signing PDF with Able2Extract for the first time, you should click on the Choose Signature… button and then on the Create… button.

From there you can create signature by typing, drawing, or importing a ready-made image.

adding digital signatures to PDF using Able2Extract Pro

Once you have created the signature, select it, click Sign and apply the signature on the opened document.

 Notice that you can have multiple signatures created. If you check the Save as Default box in the Signatures dialog window while the specific signature is selected, that signature will automatically be selected next time you enter Digital Signatures panel and click on the Sign button. This option is a time-saver if you use the same signature often.

If you have a digital certificate and want to apply a cryptographic signature to your document, just put a check in the Digitally Sign the Document checkbox before signing.

adding a digital signature image using Able2Extract Pro

How to Validate Digital PDF Signatures

When you open a PDF that has a digital cryptographic signature applied, Able2Extract will automatically inspect the signature.

The validation status will be displayed in the document’s tab next to the name of the opened file, represented by a green (valid), orange(minor problems) or red (invalid) padlock icon.

You can also inspect all the digital signatures attached to the opened PDF in the Existing Digital Signatures section of the Digital Signatures panel. Able2Extract will provide you with the information about the signer and the date document was signed.

For more information, just click on the specific certificate to expand the signature’s details.

list of digital signatures in Able2Extract Pro

By signing PDFs with Able2Extract you add an extra security layer to your documents. The Sign PDF option joins the other multiple security-minded features Able2Extract provides for its users, such as password protection, PDF content encryption, text redaction, adding watermarks, setting permissions, etc.

 If you want to learn about one more useful PDF feature and see how you can deal with PDF forms on any operating system with Able2Extract, check out our easy-to-follow guide here.

 Aside from the features mentioned, this PDF suite of tools can:

  • Convert PDFs to the most popular file formats
  • Create PDFs from almost any printable file format
  • Edit PDF text and images right from the interface
  • Merge and split PDFs
  • Convert scanned PDFs
  • And much more…

If you want to explore all of its features, download Able2Extract and give them a try over 7 days for free.

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