How To Use Emojis And Other Special Characters In Google Docs

Google Docs has many useful tools including supporting Emojis and other special characters. Here is how to insert them in any document :

Open the document to be edited in Google Docs. Choose Insert > Special characters.

Google Docs Insert menu

There will be a list of special characters displayed. They can also be sorted either using categories, symbol type and arrows.

Google Docs special characters list

For emojis, click on the drop-down menu of Symbol and select Emoji.

Emoji options in Google Docs special characters menu

This will list the commonly used emojis.

emojis in Google Docs

For different types of emojis, choose the preferred one from Categories menu.

Emoji categories in Google Docs

Google Docs also has a cool draw and search feature that makes it possible to search for any special character by drawing it. Draw shapes and search for emojis and other special characters in the blank canvas below search box.

searching for emojis by drawing in Google Docs

It will then display the special character matching that. Click refresh on bottom right to erase and start over.

drawing and searching for special characters in Google Docs

Also, they can be searched by their names or keywords and then be inserted.

searching for special characters by names in Google Docs

This is a useful feature in Google Docs which makes using various emojis and special characters easy to include in documents.

special characters inserted in Google Docs

All done.

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