How To Take Screenshots In Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi browser can take screenshots directly of web pages / selected region.

Here is how to use it :

Click on the camera icon at the bottom of the browser window.

screenshot selection in Vivaldi browser

It will display a pop-up showing the type of capture – web page or selected region along with the image type in which the screen shot will be stored.

When the selection is finalized, click the camera icon that will appear at the bottom of the selected part.

taking a screen capture of selected region using Vivaldi browser

The screenshot is now captured.

You can also do this from Tools > Capture.

screen capture options from Tools menu in Vivaldi

This is more useful for taking a screenshot of the complete web page.

Also, by default, Vivaldi stores downloaded files separately than screen captures.

So, for changing only the location where these screenshots will be stored, go to Tools > Settings by clicking on V icon at top left or shortcut keys Alt-P.

accessing Vivaldi settings

Next, from the Webpages section, change the location under IMAGE CAPTURE to where the screenshots captured will be stored.

changing the location where screen captures are stored through Vivaldi settings

It can be the same location as of the downloaded files or be a different path.

This screenshot feature is not a detailed tool like Greenshot or ShareX but handy when trying to capture basic screenshots of webpages when using Vivaldi.

All done.

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