How To Change Location Of User Folders In Lubuntu 18.10

Lubuntu is a lightweight Ubuntu distribution for older PCs.

With the latest 18.10 release that has LXQt desktop, it makes it easy to change the location of personal files and folders.

Lubuntu 18.10 with LXQt desktop environment

Here is how :

From the start menu, go to Preferences > LXQt settings

accessing LXQt settings in Lubuntu 18.10

Next, click on LXQt Configuration Center.

accessing LXQt configuration center in Lubuntu 18.10

Then select Session Settings.

LXQt configuration center in Lubuntu 18.10

Over here, from the User Directories section, change the default location where various personal files are stored like Desktop, Downloads, Documents, Music and so on.

LXQt session settings for user directories

Click on the folder icon to point the default directory path to a new one.

choosing a new folder for default user directory in Lubuntu 18.10

Click Choose. Log out for the changes to take effect.

log out for changes to take place

The new location should now be the default after logging back in.

default user directories in Lubuntu with new folder location as specified before

All done.

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