Christmas Giveaway: DVDFab Blu-ray Copy

Christmas is around the corner and it brings a free for all giveaway. 🙂

In collaboration with DVDFab, licenses of DVDFab Blu-Ray Copy each worth $64.9 are up for grabs.

About DVDFab Blu-Ray Copy: It is a comprehensive Blu-ray copying, cloning and burning tool that can make copies of your existing Blu-ray discs to be able to store them on different devices. All of this through an easy to use interface.

This is helpful if you are looking to make a backup of your Blu-ray disc collection. Use DVDFab Blu-Ray Copy combined with Cinavia Removal to ensure playback compatibility.

Key features:

  • Easy to use interface with 5 different Blu-ray copy mode
  • Lossless output for optimum playback
  • Supported formats include BD-R 25, BD-RE 25, BD-R 50 and BD-RE 50
  • Output can be stored as a Blu-ray disc, folder or an ISO image

How to participate: This is a free for all giveaway. To get a licensed version of DVDFab Blu-Ray Copy, simply leave a comment expressing your interest in using DVDFab Blu-Ray Copy. Even better if you can share this giveaway on social media but it is not a requirement. Also, enter a valid email address as the license key for this will be directly emailed to that.

Note: This is a time sensitive giveaway and is valid from 4 December to 9 December. Also, this giveaway is managed by DVDFab, so you’d be contacted directly by them for the license key.

Besides this, there is also a Christmas sale up to 50% off on storewide software till Dec 25th.

DVDFab all in one sale

You can purchase DVDFab products at a discounted price during this sale.

Christmas sale on DVDFab products

Using DVDFab Blu-Ray Copy: The pre-requisite to using this tool is that a Blu-ray drive must be available for reading the source discs.

The main interface is simple. Select the source Blu-ray disc or drag drop the ISO folder.

Main interface of DVDFab Blu-ray copy

As this is a copy tool, first choose the Copy module. The sub-modules for these include Full Disc, Main Movie, Split, Merge and so on. Choose as needed.

choosing a copy mode when using DVDFab Blu-ray copy

For making a full Blu-ray disc backup, the commonly used option is Full Disc. Choose Start for the copying to begin.

starting the blu-ray copy process

These tasks can be paused at any point of time and the process will continue from where it was left off.

using DVDFab Blu-ray copy



So, start participating as this giveaway will close soon.



  1. Debnath says:

    Thanks for this giveaway

  2. Novaenox550 says:

    email me one please

  3. DSoulzFan09 says:

    can’t wait to use!

  4. Peccavi says:

    hey, can you send me one too. Much appreciated.

  5. Martin Rick says:

    best software ever. i am interested. thanx!

  6. Bryan Lazores says:

    I would LOVE to have DVDFab Blu-Ray Copy because I actually have a Blu-Ray drive on my PC!

  7. Shakil Aslam says:

    DVDFab is a renown software co & i want to use it in order to backup some blue-ray movie..

  8. Liquidnitro_3_x says:

    Like to use this to backup my old blu ray collection.

  9. Kunze says:

    will it!

  10. SoloAviator says:


    I am interested. Thank you!