Keep A To-Do List Across Windows PC And Android Phone Using Microsoft To-Do App

To-Do app by Microsoft is a free and simple task organizer to plan your daily tasks and keep them organized across your Windows PC and Android phone.

If you already have linked your Android phone to Windows 10 PC, installing To-Do will automatically sync whatever changes are made to keep them consistent on these

Use the same Microsoft account to sign-in both from the PC and phone to keep it synced.

Installing and using it on PC :

For PC, go to Microsoft Store and install it from there.

installing Microsoft To-Do app in Windows 10 through Microsoft Store

The app itself is basic which in a way makes it clutter free as you can only plan for the daily tasks.

adding tasks in Microsoft To-Do app on PC

Click on Add a task to begin. Already listed tasks will be visible from Planned section. A new list can also be created.

To invite some members to view or change the list, click on the people icon on top right and choose Create invitation link.

sharing task list in Microsoft To-Do app through PC

To change an existing task status like marking it complete or remove it, right click and choose as needed. If there are multiple task lists, you can also use the Move task to option to move it to a different list.

various task options in To-Do when using it from PC

Installing and using it on Android phone :

If the phone is already linked to PC, To-Do will already be available for download from Microsoft Apps / Phone Companion.

Microsoft To-Do app available to download from Launcher in Android phone

Alternatively, download it from Google Play Store from here.

Installing Microsoft To-Do app through Google Play store

To add tasks using phone, click the + sign to begin.

adding a task in To-Do app from phone

Type the task details and click the upload icon. The task will now be added for the day and also be synced with To-Do on PC.

uploading a task from phone in To-Do app

The square icon for menu from top left will display current tasks for the day.

list of tasks visible from To-Do app in phone

For any of the tasks, you can tap on them and then add a reminder, set it to repeat or schedule a due date.

other task options like reminders, due date and repeating in Microsoft To-Do app for phone

Sub steps can be added to the main task which makes it easier to manage. Do it by tapping on Add step.

adding sub steps to task in Microsoft To-Do app

Again, all the changes made on either phone or PC are instantaneously synced between them making it easy to continue from where you left off.

tasks synced across Windows PC and Android phone when using Microsoft To-Do app

Other options for both the versions include changing themes and hiding completed tasks.

Deleting tasks :

To delete existing tasks, for the PC version, either right click the task and choose Delete task or click the trash icon at the bottom right.

deleting tasks from Microsoft To-Do app on PC

For the phone app, tap and hold the task name and choose Delete task.

deleting tasks in Microsoft To-Do app from phone

Overall, this is a useful free productivity tool to have installed across your Windows PC and Android phone for a seamless experience.

It makes it easy enough to update and create task lists from anywhere to stay organized.

Do try it out.

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