How To Share Files And Folders Stored On OneDrive

Files and folders stored in OneDrive can be shared either as read-only or for editing for collaboration. Here is how :

From the OneDrive folder, select the file/folder to be shared and choose Share a OneDrive link.

sharing a onedrive link

The link will be copied to clipboard which can then be shared.

shareable onedrive link copied to clipboard

A better choice is to to customize it’s permissions before sharing. So choose More OneDrive sharing options.

accessing detailed onedrive sharing options


It will open the OneDrive web version. By default, the document link to be shared will be editable. If you are using OneDrive Premium, you can even set the shareable link to expire and be password protected.

making onedrive shareable link as editable or read-only

To share the link as it is, choose Copy and share it. You can also send it by email by choosing Email or share it on social media by clicking on More.

onedrive document link to be shared on social networks

For the shareable link to be read-only, uncheck the Allow editing option.

setting the shareable onedrive document link as read-only

Then choose Get a link and copy it to share as needed as before.

copying the generated onedrive link

Another cool feature is that you can also select multiple files and folders and share them through a single link. To do that, select them as needed from the OneDrive web version and click Share.

sharing multiple files and folders stored on OneDrive through a single link

Copy the link after setting required permissions (editable or read-only) as before. The shared link when accessed will only display those files/folders that can then be downloaded or edited.

onedrive files and folders shared as read-only

Also, do try out the Files On-Demand feature of OneDrive when working with essential files that are regularly used.

Happy sharing.

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