How To Install And Use Steam For Gaming In Linux Mint

It is easy and conveninent to download and play PC games through Steam. Simply buy the ones needed (they are offered at a very discounted rate from time to time), download and play.

As much as it is popular for Windows games, Steam also can be installed for Linux platforms.

Here is how to download and install Steam for Linux Mint:

Open Terminal and type :

sudo apt install steam

installing steam client in linux mint

Wait for the installation to complete. It will now be available in menu from Games > Steam.

Steam client installed in Linux Mint

Login to Steam with your credentials.

launching steam client in linux mint

There may be additional validation required through a special access code (which will be emailed) if this is a login from a different PC than before.

additional authorization when logging from a new PC to steam client

Once authorized, all of your purchased PC games will be listed. To know which ones can be installed and played on Linux, go to Library > Steam OS + Linux. The count next to it displays  the number of games that are compatible with Linux.

Purchased Steam games available to download and play that are Linux compatible

From the existing library, a list of Linux compatible games will be displayed. Download and install them to enjoy as needed.

Also, if you want to check if a specific game will run on your PC, this online tool can help in determining compatibility.

All done.

Happy Linux gaming.

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